Strategy advisor

We are an innovation consultancy.
We help companies and governments innovate better and faster.

For Companies

Network economy, collaborative business models, digitalization and unpredictability challenges ‘business as usual’. We help leaders and their organizations prepare a strategic response to this emerging business environment. Specifically, we help them by:
– Auditing innovation capacity
– Re-designing innovation strategies
– Building new and entrepreneurial projects`
– Getting innovation speed up across entire organization
– Assisting in going from local to global

For Governments

Boosting growth and jobs are the top priority for policy makers. We help leaders in public administration develop new strategic agenda by:
– Assessing existing innovation policies
– Defining new, clear and realistic strategies for network economies
– Setting up new governance models

For Universities

Education is undergoing a disruptive change. We help leaders transform academic  strategic guidance how to build a university for the 21st century. Specifically, we help them by:
– Auditing innovation capacity
– Developing a vision for an entrepreneurial university
– Building new collaborative partnerships with industry


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