Networking with a Purpose in Mind

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Networking with a Purpose in Mind

A powerful inspiration from Financial Times women-in-tech influencer and former Chair of Advisors to EU Commissioner for Innovation.

Keynote by Daria Tataj

A powerful inspiration from Financial Times women-in-tech influencer and former Chair of Advisors to EU Commissioner for Innovation.

Who is Daria Tataj?
Daria is an entrepreneur and a power networker. A Digital Leader of the World Economic Forum, Dr. Tataj is also a global expert on new growth models. The author of the Network IQ Index, she defined what competences you need to build an ecosystem to thrive in the digital economy. Learn from Daria first-hand experience of what does it take to become a high-impact influencer, innovate career and grow a business. Join Daria  to advocate the Sustainable Development Goals and help other entrepreneurs thrive in the aftermaths of the Covid-19 crisis.

What will I learn from Daria’s eKeynote?

  1. A mindset shift: you reflect critically how and why you invest time in networking   
  2. Time invested: after 30 minutes the networks you will get concrete advice on how to network in international settings
  3. Your network: meeting Daria will build your network. You will get a chance to connect with global communities of thought leaders, global shapers, shakers and decision makers.

Key Features
 e-Meeting Daria, the Digital Leader of the World Economic Forum and author of the Network IQ Index
 Insights into emerging trends in business, technology and society 
Inspirational energy booster and food for thought
 A network to “connect the dots”

What is Daria recognised for?
Daria is the world expert in network innovation and the author of the Network IQ Index.

The Network IQ is a measurement of Network Intelligence. She defines this kind of intelligence as an ability to use social networking to innovate and grow. For example, you can use social networks to get market insights, share resources or sell. But many people find it challenging. Our research shows that 70% of people use networking to sell products or services. However, less than 45% of them declare that they are effective, and only 17% use networking to get market insights or share resources.

The Network IQ Assessment is part of the innovation methodology based on Daria’s research with Professor Manuel Castells, #1 most Communication Scholar in the world and current Minister for Universities in Spain. The key element of this methodology is the Network IQ Index. This Index is an indicator which predict how effective you will be turning social networking opportunities into growth. The Network IQ Index predicts how effective you will be in finding the “Right Person”, innovating, building a digital trust or defining a clear purpose as at the first step to find a purpose – network – fit. 

The Network IQ Index is based on a combination of 7 skills. You can learn about each of them enrolling for one of our upcoming online classes with Daria Tataj and her team: 

Skill 1. ✏️ Network Strategy
Skill 2.? Networking
Skill 3.? Engagement
Skill 4.⚡ Empowerment
Skill 5.✉️ Digital Communication
Skill 6.? Collaboration for Diversity
Skill 7.?️ Influence

At Tataj Innovation, we call this these skills the Network Thinking competencies and help develop them skill by skill to boost your Network IQ. Remember, skills are just skills. You learn them by practicing and our courses are designed to assist you in this process.  Learn more about our approach and how we can support your learning.

Before we let you go… send Daria an invite message on LinkedIn and grow your global network!


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