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Daria Tataj experta en innovación de la Comisión Europea en la Fundación Cotec en Madrid. Enero 2018. Foto: Víctor Sainz

Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A Growth Model for Europe beyond the Crisis. Preface by Manuel Castells 

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To increase productivity and create value, businesses and governments need to innovate. But how innovation is created? And how can entire regions, countries and continents innovate in a fast changing world where old economies have broken down?

Look for answers in Dr. Tataj’s book Innovation and Entrepreneurship endorsed by the Holberg Prize winner Manuel Castells as ‘a fundamental, innovative book on innovation that will reshape the way we think about innovation and may yield the most needed policy lessons for a new model of growth in the aftermath of the economic crisis’.

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Europe’s Future: Open Science, Open Innovation, Open to the World, Reflections of the RISE Group. European Commission, DG RTD, Brussels, 2017


Building on the policy of ‘3Os’ – Open Science, Open Innovation, Open to the World, the members of the RISE High-level Expert Advisory Group to Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, explore what this policy proclaimed by the Commissioner in the beginning of his term means in the changing context of our world in the making.

RISE authors come to a conclusion that Europe needs a new narrative and if so, research and innovation policy needs a new narrative too to become more engaged with and meaning for European citizens.

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Start-ups, Scale-ups and Entrepreneurship in Romania. Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility for Romania, European Commission, DG RTD, Brussels,2018


The Report was published as an outcome of the Policy Support Facility, an EU support for countries which want to get European expertise on how to build innovation ecosystem. A group of experts scrutinized Romanian innovation system to assess  the country’s potential for strengthening its entrepreneurship ecosystem and providing concrete recommendations for government actions to reform legal framework and create an environment for the growth of technological start-ups.


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