World Expert on European Innovation and Network Thinking

“In an increasingly research and technology rich world, Daria Tataj explores the growing importance of ‘technology push’ – in place of demand pull – in driving innovation and growth. She identifies the critical role of the entrepreneur as the integrator of the innovation process from idea to funding to market. Based on extensive research, this book will help shape policy and thinking for a new model of innovation-driven economic growth.”, Birmingham, March 2015

“Fascinating to see that the early learnings of the European Institute of Innovation (EIT) now hit the public in a book that is a most comprehensive and understandable description of the role of (networked) entrepreneurship in the Knowledge Triangle. Following the author, I sincerely hope that in Education, in Business firms and in Research Institutes, Innovation in Europe returns to its entrepreneurial roots in search of new prosperity.”, Eindhoven, March 2015