RISE High-level Advisors Meeting with Carlos Moedas, EU Commisioner for Science & Innovation, Brussels, 2018


Daria Tataj, Ph. D.,  is #1 Business Growth Strategist through Innovation & Network Thinking™. 

Chairwoman of High-level Advisors to European Commissioner for Science & Innovation, she directly assists Commissioner Carlos Moedas, in shaping policies for 100 billion EUR Horizon Europe budget. She also advises multinational companies, venture funded start-ups and private-equity backed mid-size companies, governments and universities.

For many years Daria Tataj has been a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council. Member of Los100deCOTEC, Daria Tataj features as one of four experts in Informe COTEC 2018 the most influential publication on innovation in Spain.

Daria is also an entrepreneur, investor and innovator. Founder of  Tataj Innovation, a strategy firm, she helps co-create growth strategies through innovation and Network Thinking™. 

As an Executive founding Board Member of the European Institute of the Innovation and Technology, Daria Tataj helped build this multibillion funding institution. Today the EIT and its KICs change dozens of innovation ecosystems across Europe and beyond.

In her book Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A New Growth Model for Europe beyond the Crises, she reflects on the EIT experience to explain why some entrepreneurs, startups, regions and entire countries become successful in today’s network economy. In the Preface to the book,  Professor Manuel Castells, #1 most quoted communication scholar in the world, writes:  this is a fundamental book that will reshape the way we think about innovation’.

Daria is truly proud of her home country. After three decades of struggle, Poland today is  the second most successful economy in the world. As an internationally renowned advisor on innovation and Network Thinking™, she explains roots of this success in her report “Poland: an emerging innovation leader.” In 2014, Daria Tataj received the title “Innovator 2014 Poland”. In a long interview with Teraz Polska, she reflects on the entrepreneurial history of her generation and the need for more leadership to shape the sustainable  future.

Daria currently lives and works in Barcelona. She has chosen Barcelona, the Innovation Capital of Europe, to open Tataj Innovation Studio Badalona Beach. This is the space to spread innovation through Network Thinking™ across Europe and beyond.

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