Science|Business Conference, Brussels, 2018

Hello, Hola, Cześć! 🙂

Have you ever thought why some businesses, cities or countries are more successful than others?

One reason is that people cannot embrace new technologies and new ways of working together. If you are under constant pressure to innovate, think about the power of networks…

I am a recognized European expert on growth through Network Thinking. Based on my  expertise how to bring change and impact, I developed Network Thinking™ talent / leadership development program to grow networked ecosystems.

My personal mission is helping organizations (private and public) become more entrepreneurial and foster constant innovation though Network Thinking. I will be thrilled if we connect by LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

Group of High-Level Advisors to Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Brussles, October 2018. Photo credit @EC. More about RISE




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