My mission is to empower entrepreneurial people. I do it by teaching network thinking based on my research on the Network IQ Index.

-Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj

Daria teaches Network Intelligence

Dr. Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj (Entrepreneur Motivational Speaker), Founder & CEO of Tataj Innovation, is the world expert on innovation networks. Tataj Innovation empowers entrepreneurs through Network Thinking, a methodology based on 15+ years of Daria’s research done in collaboration with Prof. Manuel Castells. Prof. Castells endorsed her book ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ as a fundamental book that will reshape the way we think about innovation. He now acts as an advisor to Tataj Innovation.

Daria’s research impacted Europe’s innovation ecosystems. She is one of the architects of the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) and EIC (European Innovation Council), two key funding institutions for entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation in Europe, as well as a mission-oriented policy approach. Daria held senior roles as a Chair of Advisors to EU Commissioner for Research, and WEF’s Digital Leader in 2017. She founded Vital Voices Chapter in Poland and is currently an Advisory Board Member of two do-tanks: Re-Imagine Europa in Paris and Digital future Society in Barcelona.

She is an inspirational keynote speaker with a mission of making Europe more entrepreneurial. She publishes frequently to foster her values: equal access to opportunities, empowerment and collaboration. She regularly publishes on LinkedIn and has over 22,000+ global audience.

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Dr. Daria Tataj

Daria speaks at Global Entrepreneurship Summit, The Netherlands 2019

entrepreneur motivational speaker

Social Innovator Award,
Poland 2014

Daria worked with

Daria's book

Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A Growth Model for
Europe Beyond the Crisis with Preface by Manuel Castells

To increase productivity and create value, businesses and governments need to innovate. But how can entire regions, countries and continents innovate in a fast changing world where old economies have broken down?

Book launched in the United States (2015), Middle East (2018), Europe (2018), Published by Tataj Innovation Library New York

‘Fundamental innovativ book on innovation that will reshape the way we think.’ -Prof. Manuel Castells, #1 most quoted communication scholar in the world

‘An outstanding book that can be added to the must-read list on innovation.’ - Marisa Poncela García, Trade Minister of Spain

Publications on innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems

Europe faces a triple imperative to protect, prepare and transform in its quest for building forward better after the deadliest pandemic of the past century and for building forward better to address the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced – climate change and biodiversity collapse. An enormous challenge: how to transform human life quickly enough to enable 8 billion people to live sustainably and peacefully within planetary boundaries?

This ESIR Focus Paper (2021) provides a ‘deeper dive’ into the role of European Universities in achieving systemic change in the post-pandemic economy and society. It builds on and complements ESIR’s second Policy Brief, which offers guidance on how a ‘protect-prepare-transform’ approach in the post-pandemic Europe can ensure fast learning from innovation by relying on smart and coherent policies, collaborative efforts across levels of government and decentralisation of governance

The high-level policy report published under Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (European Commission, 2019)

Commissioned by Montenegro’s government, leading research and innovation policy experts in Europe including Jari Totti (FI), Jean-Michel Dalle (FR) and Domen Bole (SL), set out policy recommendations for the country’s new growth model.

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Network Thinking helps transform cities into innovation hubs. Read an interview with Dr. Daria Tataj about Eindhoven University of Technology and the transformation of Eindhoven into an entrepreneurial city.

As the Author of Innovation and Entrepreneurship A Growth Model for Europe Beyond the Crisis, she shares her findings from years of studying Innovation Ecosystems around the world. (For Polish speakers)

As a Digital Future Society Global Board of Trustees for Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Dr. Daria Tataj shares her insights about leadership, the era of digitalization, and how governments fit in this new era. (For Spanish speakers)

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